What People Are Saying 

After holidaying in Bali I became interested in Feng Shui and sought out a course.  Being really lucky I found Anu and attended his weekend workshop in Oxfordshire.  The world opened up for us.  The power of placement, shape, colour, symbols, elements and the knowledge contained in the subject gives a continuing enriching  growth to my and my family's life.


Change in our life is continual, and knowing the principals of Feng Shui so well-explained by Anu on his consultation visits to my home, enabled us to fruitfully adapt. When I get it right it feels like the unfolding of a beautiful flower. Relaxing, joyous and beautiful. Working with him is the key to success. He also acts as a fabulous counsellor. A solid magical presence. 

  - A.A., Oxford

When we first met Anu our marital relationship left something to be desired. On inspection he pointed out that the cactus plants we kept in the bedroom could be a contributing factor and that objects with blue, white and pink colours would be beneficial. He was right.  – R. C., Leominster

Many thanks for all your thoughts, ideas and advice... I really enjoyed listening to you, it all made sense to me and has made me think about the bar in a new way.

- H., Hereford

I contacted Anu 5 years ago for professional guidance about a commercial renovation. I was in the process of  establishing a local wellbeing centre. His advice was invaluable - kind, patient, good humoured and audacious. He was both sensitive and bold - a rare combination - and I have felt very supported by his suggestions - and they work!

I subsequently invited him to our home which included my partner and daughter who were 'less than enthusiastic'  about Feng Shui.  On the first meeting he suggested the garden was 'dead' - which was quite a thing for a professional gardener to hear! - but the gentle transformation based on his guidance has been extraordinary.

His recent suggestion was to create a little library in a nondescript hallway - as a settling space, a place to stop and pause, rather than simply pass through. I finished moving books, chairs and lights around last night, and to my surprise found my daughter settled there within an hour, looking through old family photos and chuckling.  We would never have dreamed up such a creative use of a small space. 

Anu's advice is intuitive and flexible, and utterly appropriate - and I would heartily recommend him to anyone.  –  K.P , Penzance

Anu helped us to release the energy blocks in our house by giving us sound and creative advice about how to best use the spaces. The impact has been extraordinary, I would definitely recommend a visit!

- C., Lamorna

So many thanks again for visiting and for helping all to feel and see the place afresh; for your care and insight, sensitivity to place and intelligent perspective.

– S.T.M., Helston

We were worried that our house might have some form of geopathic stress. Anu surveyed the building and surrounds for us and reported that it was fine. He suggested some simple changes that helped make it feel more comfortable and gave it a positive energy.  – D.Y., Dartington

I asked Anu to come and do a Feng Shui consultation for our place.  He was really thorough and things have really shifted since his consultation- huge thanks, Anu!  I'd completely recommend a consultation to everyone! – R.S., Sancreed

Big change, and guess who is to blame for it? Yes you are! We took your advice and posted a few things on that part of the wall you mentioned, and in record time it materialized!!!! So thanks very much, next I will try with the lottery numbers and let you know if it comes through.

– R.K., Lisbon

It's wonderful work that you do. I feel grateful to have benefitted so deeply from it.

- K.R., Constantine

I was recommended Anu's feng shui services by my landlady who had already used him, to great effect, for her property. I specifically wanted work on two areas: health and relationship. I found Anu himself to be extremely professional and skilled and also calming, soothing and greatly intuitive. He was incredibly thorough in his work; not just giving me advice for the flat itself but also on books, exercises and other things to support my energy in the right direction. Anu was also very responsive to the few emails I sent afterwards checking on some further tweaks and tips from the initial consultation.


Following on from making the required changes my health quickly picked up and also my social life and now I am very pleased to say I have also manifested a beautiful relationship (albeit early days).


I thoroughly, unreservedly and whole-heartedly recommend his services.


Thank you, Anu!            - L.C., Penzance

I found Anu to be a warm and sensitive consultant. He's prepared to get to work straight away, though not in an invasive way. He asked me about my life and priorities and also about areas in my flat (and later my new house) that I liked and enjoyed. His suggestions and insights were guided by this, and therefore appropriate to what I wanted, even if I didn't know it yet! His suggestions were easy and fun to implement, as well as requiring some thought and creativity, which felt appropriate considering the benefits were potentially life-long. Highly recommended. - R. L., Cornwall