The Hidden World

Restless Spirits

Since my clients had moved into the old house a year previously, many strange things had occurred.  Mostly they seemed harmless, like objects not being where they should and being found in exactly the same place five minutes or days later.  The sense of being watched, or impressions of shapes moving just in the corner of the eye, were unsettling but acceptable. 

Things got worse when six-year old daughter Tanya started complaining of a witch coming through a wall and then disappearing after looking down at her in her bed.  Tanya was being genuinely frightened on a regular basis, often choosing to sleep with her parents.  Tanya’s disturbances and the unexplained phenomena combined, were resulting in an uncomfortable, even threatening, atmosphere. 

Then came the final straw.  

Ghost Story

Tanya’s parents had to stay away till three or four in the morning for work, and got a babysitter, a trusted friend, to look after her.  The evening went fine and Tanya settled down to sleep easily enough.  Diana, the sitter, went to bed herself soon after in the spare room just down the corridor.  About one o’clock in the morning she was woken by the unmistakeable sound of Tanya getting out of bed and opening her door.  The wooden floors amplified all footsteps.

‘She’s coming to see me,’ thought Diana, wondering what was wrong as the footsteps moved down the corridor.  She sat up in bed.  The footsteps reached her door and stopped.  Thinking Tanya was just too shy to come in and ask for help, Diana got out of bed, went to the door and pulled it open.  

There was no one there.  She could see, further along, Tanya’s door firmly closed.  The next day, she told Tanya’s parents she wouldn’t spend another night in the house no matter how much they paid her.

The Hidden Contract

After being contacted, the first thing was to do some historical research.  Often there is what I call ‘the hidden contract’ where a particular pattern is established, and this is repeated endlessly with subsequent tenants or owners of a property.  The contract – unbeknownst to the occupants – is that this behaviour needs to change, for both the location and the people in order to grow or move on.  Often people cannot sell their house or leave a rented property, if this contract is not fulfilled.  The trick is in identifying what patterns need to be altered.  (The book ‘The Owl Service’ by Alan Garner illustrates this principle perfectly.)

In this case, I couldn’t identify any detrimental patterns.  My clients got in touch with previous owners, and neighbours who remembered tenants from decades earlier, all of whom had been perfectly happy.  Then a new piece of information came in.  Apparently a young man who had grown up in the house, and still lived nearby, remembered having nightmares of wolves coming through the wall of his bedroom.  This was the same room as Tanya’s and  the wall the same as from where she said a witch entered.

Tiger Line

The house was in an idyllic valley on the Welsh border, and the journey along it so sunny and peaceful it was hard to believe anything could be unsettling or haunted in such a place.  I had already identified from the map a possible ley line running between the road and the river, and I wondered if this was what was causing the problems.  Known as lung mei, or ‘dragon veins’, in Feng Shui, they are the main conveyors of ch’i or lifeforce to an area, and if unhealthy in any way – which is often the case, sadly, these days – then the effects can be disruptive to the extreme.  

This one was what I call a tiger line.  Having departed from traditional Feng Shui a long time ago, I have no idea if this is what they are called classically or if I coined the term.  A tiger line is essentially more yin than a dragon line i.e. softer, quieter and more gentle – but when roused or disturbed can become ferocious and harmful.  Using dowsing I detected the main points on this line, a couple of churches and some ancient wells, and found the line to be in perfect harmony with the valley.  It was clearly not the source of the problem.

Geopathic Stress

A hundred yards from the house were some trees whose trunks were twisting unusually, the bark thick and gnarled.  The copse was gloomy with a melancholy atmosphere, and a proliferation of toadstools of many varieties.  Putting my hand on the ground I detected a discordance, like invisible fire emanating upwards.  These were all indicators of geopathic stress, one of the biggest problems any householder can face in my opinion.  

However, I knew the house was built in 1830, and it was extremely unusual to find houses that old being built over areas of GS.  It’s not known why but up to about 1850 in Europe it was as if people had an instinct about where to build, which we seem to have lost.  Indeed, as I walked this last stretch to the house, the indications of stress dissipated and the house was nicely located half-way up the hill.

The House

The keys had been left for me under a stone.  I don’t normally go to places without the residents being there, but this was an unusual situation and the family had needed a vacation from the stress they were experiencing.  I also usually bring someone along when anything paranormal might be involved, but nobody was available at this time; and I had a sense I could handle this on my own, a sense I began to doubt immediately I entered.  

There was a distinct atmosphere throughout, like walking through fog which could be felt but not seen.  I checked the relative humidity levels.  They were high but not unusually so for an old house in England.  The sense of being watched was also strong, as the family had reported.  I wandered around, checking every room, leaving Tanya’s till the last.


The Vortex

The space in front of the wall which was the alleged focus of activity was buzzing.  I could feel this by placing my hand in the vicinity.  This can be quite a tangible phenomenon and other people can usually sense it too, once directed to the correct area.  It is as if a particular spot becomes warm, or ‘tingly’ as some have described it, also ‘unsettling’.  

I knew now what we were dealing with:  a vortex.  I wasn’t a dowser before the 1990s, but was informed by some that vortices become more common about that time.  There are different theories as to why that happened.  In essence, they act like portals through which all sorts of entities can pass, sometimes quite bizarre ones.  These manifestations often appear in forms that the observer can relate to – like witches, wolves, or ghosts – though they might be something completely different and hard to understand.  The effect can be disturbing but not usually dangerous.


With a vortex it is important to assess what kind it is.  By putting my hand in its field, I get a strong sense of what’s going on.  In this case, the vortex was not actually malicious but needed fine-tuning.  What the family had been experiencing was like a radio slightly off-channel.  In my mind, I asked it what it wanted, and I got the impression of rose-colours.  I then burned a smudge stick – rosemary and sage mostly – which purified any detrimental energies lurking around, and placed some rose quartz, which I’d seen in the sitting room, on a shelf by the vortex.  

My clients had paid me in advance to stay the night, to see what happened, something I rarely did but this was an exceptional case.  I was also pretty sure it was unnecessary now, as I was confident the situation was mostly resolved.  I slept extremely well, undisturbed.



I informed the family of the situation by email the next day, advising them to keep the vortex clear – physically by not allowing clutter to build up on the shelves, and energetically by smudging the area at least once a month and keeping rose quartz by it.  

There was also the matter of what the dowser T.C. Lethbridge called an engram.  This is when a build-up of ‘negative’ emotions such as melancholy becomes accumulative, resulting in a depressive atmosphere – like an invisible fog.  Here it was a consequence of dealing with the vortex disharmony, and worries about their daughter.  All that was necessary was to have a really good party for children and adults – something they’d never done – whilst burning sage and rosemary and playing plenty of uplifting music.  It was a great party, the start of many, and the family never looked back.