Our Expertise

At Terra Firma Feng Shui we aim to be sensitive to the client’s individual requirements, to seek innovative solutions to seemingly complex problems, providing advice and support that is experienced, informed and intuitive. The types of work involved can be divided into three categories as listed below. There may be a specific area to which the client feels most drawn, but in practice at least two of them tend to come into play during any single survey.

  • Feng Shui and related disciplines such as Vaastu Shastra from India, or fu sui from Japan: ancient techniques to encourage harmony between people and their environment

  • Scientific techniques: dealing with wi-fi, phones, electric cabling etc. which have become a major part of the modern environment.

  • Geomancy: the understanding of subtle earth energies (e.g. ley lines) which can have a significant impact on houses and their occupants

The case studies chosen to illustrate each category demonstrate some of the methods employed with Terra Firma Feng Shui. Names and details have been changed, and permissions given.


The Harmony of Feng Shui

The Lonely House

Danielle was a late middle-aged woman who was divorced recently and amicably from her husband.  She had been renting her new house for almost a year.  There were no major problems, she said on the phone, but she had read a couple of books on Feng Shui and thought it would be a good idea to have the house done.  The one thing she would specifically like to have a look at was relationships.



First Contact

The client Kawasi Computers simply wanted to optimise their work space, and had heard about me from one of their employees whose house I had surveyed a year previously.  After the initial email and a phonecall, I learnt that they also had issues with a high turnaround and far too many sick days, and I surmised that staff morale was low.   

Science for Creative Living
The Hidden World

Restless Spirits

Since my clients had moved into the old house a year previously, many strange things had occurred.  Mostly they seemed harmless, like objects not being where they should and being found in exactly the same place five minutes or days later.  The sense of being watched, or impressions of shapes moving just in the corner of the eye, were unsettling but acceptable.