• Anu van Warmelo


As is very much a sign of the times, although I know I am reporting changes in this blog, I'm not entirely sure what they are! I was buying a suitcase from a Chinese woman in Oxford a few months ago, and she informed me that this year we are in is highly unusual astrologically, it doesn't happen that often, and is known as Geng Zhi (different spellings abound). Geng Zhi has a reputation for being extremely difficult and challenging, one of its characteristics apparently being the inability to plan because things change so quickly. A phrase I keep hearing is, 'I was just about to score a goal when they moved the goalposts'.

So I cannot say what some of the changes I'm reporting are precisely, but a few things are likely, one of which is this may be the last or one of the last blogs I write from this website. The truth is, I've had difficulties with the site since Wix decided to 'improve' things, a malaise much of the IT world suffers from - fixing things that aren't broken. Since those changes, which caused no end of work and difficulties for me at the time, I've never managed to get this blog quite to the point design-wise I've wished. Also, the amount of subscribers is only a small fraction of my clients and those interested in my work. Somehow blogs don't appeal to that many.

The site has been a tremendous boon for inquiries, it's meant I could direct potential clients to these pages and they would find out very quickly about the sort of work I do. Its format and design has been extremely well-received (thank you, so much, to those who helped make it happen).

A number of things may happen now. It's almost certain I will cancel my subscription. which means that the domain name of terrafirmafengshui.com will no longer exist, and the blog pages will probably disappear. At the very least there will be no future blogs. The site itself will continue to exist but under a different address and will contain Wix adverts, as is the price to pay for a free site. As far as I know, that is how things will unfold. But that's not the end of the story, for another game is afoot.

My intention is to start another website, probably with a different host. This will be a vehicle for what I call my X-Dimensional research and writing, and will contain elements of Feng Shui and related subjects. Actually when I wrote the previous blog about Hastings, I was aware that I was holding back a bit in order to fit the Feng Shui paradigm, that I had much more interesting things to say. In the future, if all goes according to plan (hah!) I will be able to expand horizons and convey with much more depth and insight what I feel is going on in each case.

This is like an interim blog today, in that there may be another one coming - I don't know if my cancellation takes immediate effect - and also it heralds up-and-coming blogs from a different website. I will do my best to inform you!

In the meantime, all I can add is that it's been a joy writing these pages, and I hope they undergo a successful metamorphosis into something even more splendiferous. That's the...plan. Thank you for your company on this fascinating and wonderfully unpredictable journey. I'm sure I will see you on the next stage.