• Anu van Warmelo

All By Myself

Well, you might not all be by yourself, you are more than likely to be in isolation with friends or members of your family. But the principle is the same. My computer is actually in self-isolation a hundred miles from me, waiting to be picked up, so in the meantime I'm grabbing twenty minutes on my friend's computer where I currently am residing near Bath. This is an obvious time for creativity as it gives us an opportunity to focus on particular things.

While this may also be a time to go inward, meditation being key, is there any particular advice Feng Shui can offer in these challenging times?

The first thing I would mention is the Red Phoenix. (I didn't have a picture of one to hand, so this swan will have to do!) The Red Phoenix is the space right in front of you, and/or in front of the main entrance to your house. Symbolically this area needs to be open so that the Phoenix can soar out into the world, bringing us fortune and prosperity. The current situation means there doesn't appear to be much opportunity for this. However, you can work on this even within your home or office. The trick is to make sure you're not working in front of a blank wall, that's a way of blocking the Phoenix, and encouraging frustration, a sense of not getting anywhere. Ideally you would have a view of the room, your back to a wall, and a view out of a window. If this positioning is not possible then place a picture with a vista, like the one here, on the wall in front of you. Thus, the red bird can soar!

The other thing I would emphasise at this time is to be aware of microwave signals including wi-fi. Ordinarily we give our bodies 'holidays' from this type of radiation every time we go out into the open air. Now we tend to be cooped up in a soup of electromagnetic radiation. Ironically, one of the symptoms can be a sense of chest constrictions, and you don't want this to be confused with the coronavirus. So my advice here is as it's always been: switch your router off at night if you can or, better, use ethernet cables; don't have a cordless phone unless it's an EcoPlus Gigaset which doesn't transmit when idle; and don't have active mobiles in your bedroom at night.

Finally, returning to the theme of the first paragraph, that of creativity, it's a perfect time to do those tasks in your home you haven't found time for. This is also an opportunity for me to remind you that not only do I do limited (and much cheaper) surveys remotely by phone and email but also (and not all of you know this) Tarot readings. Maybe I'll hear from you...?

Stay safe. Wishing you luck and joy at a time when there doesn't seem to be much available, but there might be if you know how to look...