• Anu van Warmelo

Even In London

Greetings and salutations everyone on this first day of the new (western) year!

In my travels, I now find myself not only with access to a computer but also happen to be in London once more where I've been particularly enjoying early evening strolls. Cities are not my favourite places and I can't stay in them for too long, as the sense of disconnection from Nature I find too extreme. However, even here the fact that the disconnection is illusory is paramount if one knows how to look. One way to look is up, in this case to observe the rising of the new moon at twilight. To paraphrase a character from a comic book story, 'If God is searching for me, I'll be right here, lost in the labyrinth under one of His magnificent skies.'

The next evening I found myself captivated by the way the pink sky reflected the colour of the house, or vice versa. It was so magical, I was standing in the middle of the road to take the photograph (which doesn't really do it justice), and a young woman came running up, exclaiming, "Isn't it fantastic?! I've got to take a photograph too." Thus, the magic was shared.

This was actually the first in the sequence kicking off my current fascination with the London twilight, though it looks brighter than it actually was. I find this building fascinating because something really works with it and for it. It evokes mystery but also warmth. Understanding why is not so simple, sometimes places just have a life-force, ch'i. What I would point out is there is a symmetry hinted at but then denied, something emphasised by the sloping road. The random nature of the window designs also implies past disparate wishes and desires, lives that have been and gone plus those being lived there today. This is a place with many stories, too much to contain in a single blog.

So, even in London, or perhaps particularly in London, nature and mystery are never too far away.