• Anu van Warmelo

Bad Tortoise!

One of the basic rules in Feng Shui, often alluded to here, is to get the surroundings right. This has repercussions throughout a location, right down to where one places a bed. Practitioners refer to the 'armchair position' i.e. solid support behind, and open space in front. In FS parlance this is the Black Tortoise and the Red Phoenix respectively. The Tortoise provides the solidity and the Phoenix space in which to soar into the world. There are also the two flanking guardians, the Green Dragon to the left as you look out from the entrance, and the White Tiger to the right. But sometimes these four guardians go too far.

In the case of the house here, the Phoenix is ideal, with plenty of space in which to fly. The Tortoise behind is something else entirely. This is definitely overkill. The skipper on the boat from which the picture was taken said, 'I wouldn't spend one night in that house.' I have had clients with extremely steep hills behind and they have reported a continual underlying sense of dread. In this case, the old mining rubble is apparently monitored by satellite so not one stone can move without the authorities knowing about it, so that's reassuring at least.

The other animals can also misbehave. A cliff drop directly in front of a house can be another case of too much of a good thing, with a sense of dizziness, of soaring too high. The White Tiger is an unpredictable guardian, and if not kept in check by a larger Green Dragon on the other side, can bring major unexpected changes at all too frequent intervals. Even the benign Dragon if too big for its boots can dominate unfairly, like a bodyguard who is too imposing.

As always in life, it is a careful balancing act. Yet even when out of balance, there are things to be learnt and gained, a subject for another day...

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