• Anu van Warmelo

Gateway to the Gods

I write at some length about directions in my book 'The Poisoned Dragon', and the passage on the north east is particularly relevant at this time of year.

On the medicine wheel so to speak (I call it a Medicine Compass, drawing as I do upon various traditions including Native American), if north corresponds to midnight and winter, then east does the same to dawn and spring. Therefore north east is the time we are in now between winter and spring. This is often a challenging time. 'The night is darkest before the dawn', as they say. In traditional Feng Shui, this direction is often called 'the devil's door' and is avoided. Yet in Vaastu shastra it is known as 'the gateway to the gods'.

The discrepancy is partly because of geography, and partly because of culture: India is of a lower latitude than China, hence hotter, and northerly directions tend to be favoured over southerly. As far as culture is concerned, it may be that Feng Shui traditionally favours fortune and success, associated with the southern directions, while with India the emphasis is much more on the spiritual. Even today in the West you can observe this, with people always wanting to know where their 'wealth corner' is. It's often the first thing I am asked!

The NE is generally unfavourable towards comfort and materialism, and in fact will often undermine any undue emphasis on these things. From this perspective, focusing on wealth is like putting the cart before the horse.

So I find the best way to work with the NE is to honour it. In Vaastu they recommend keeping that direction as light and airy as possible. It is a sacred (Puja) direction and should be treated as such.

Thus, by going within, we may discover that this time we are in now is the brightest before the dawn.

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