• Anu van Warmelo

Trencrom Dowsers Talk

Heads up for anyone in the area. I'll be giving a talk on Feng Shui, with particular emphasis on lung mei, the dragon lines often associated with leys. It's next Saturday the 19th Jan at 2pm in Marazion. For more details please contact Trencrom Dowsers directly. Their website is: https://www.trencromdowsers.org.uk/

The picture, if you're interested, is not of Marazion but the other side of the Penwith peninsula, Cape Cornwall. It's of particular interest to me as it illustrates sky patterns. As mentioned in a previous blog, earth ch'i, which comprises much of Feng Shui work, can be reflected by sky ch'i, or vice versa, with weather ch'i the intermediary. In some situations I have found the land to be reluctant to give up its secrets, by being entirely flat for example such as in East Anglia. In such cases I find myself having to read the sky instead of the ground.

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