• Anu van Warmelo

England and the Fire Element

This is an interesting place in South Devon where I've found myself stranded a few times, waiting for a lift or a bus usually. Its name 'Bittaford' is already an indication of the place's significance, probably meaning 'ford of a man named Bitta'. Fords are often locations where numerous influences converge, and here there are numerous roads, a river and a railway viaduct.

In the picture you can see one of the bus stops and the red phone booth, which is what I really want to talk about here. England generally is very rich in the Wood element, but not so in the Fire. Cornwall is different where the deficiency in trees (even now chopped down regularly e.g. to provide better sea views for second homes and holiday lets) creates a more complex problem, but elsewhere it is the more straightforward lack of Fire that is an issue. This was unconsciously addressed quite wonderfully in the past with the proliferation of red double decker buses, post boxes and phone booths. Much of this is sadly being lost through modernisation. England is losing its genuine Fire, and accepting poor substitutes in place. (All sides of the political divide should take note.)

What I find interesting here is that the Bittaford community have kept their phone booth not for making phone calls, but as a book lending library, and it's really well-looked after. They're not just any old books but ones that people will want to read. The Fire in the community has been retained, and even when stranded, waiting for a bus that doesn't come on a bitterly cold night - as I was - there is a sense of warmth, of pride of place, in what could have been just the middle of nowhere.

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