• Anu van Warmelo

Earth to Metal

We are meant to be in autumn right now, but here in Cornwall it's more like an extended Indian Summer. The transition between the seasons is a particularly important one which is why acupuncturists often recommend treatment at this time, when our systems are at their most vulnerable.

The shift between summer and autumn is the 'fifth season' in Chinese healing, and is represented by the Earth element which leads to the Metal hues of autumn. In western culture both Halloween with its bright orange pumpkins and Thanksgiving (sadly lacking outside America, but I usually do a European version with friends), are ways to acknowledge the journey from extroversion to introversion. It is a good time to bring in warmth and comfort through Earth colours - yellows, oranges - such as from candle flames, fruit or decoration. Or try aromatherapy diffusions such as Fleur de Orange, lemon or frankincense. And, of course, remember to eat seasonally. Enjoy the richness!