• Anu van Warmelo

Sky Writing

The Compass School in traditional Feng Shui originated in northern China which lacked the spectacular mountain ranges in the south, where the Form School originated. I was reminded of this on a recent visit to East Anglia. Previously there I had struggled with the lack of forms in hills etc. with which to work, and compass directions only gave me so much. On that earlier visit i had an epiphany where I realised that to interpret the land properly I had to learn how to read the sky. This was already indicated by the sheer amount of radio telescopes dotting the landscape.

Feng Shui recognises that there is earth ch'i and sky ch'i, where weather ch'i is the intermediary between the two. Reading sky ch'i directly however is something quite new for me. Yet the universe seems determined to teach me the language, as in this elegant cloud formation stretching over Mount's Bay in Cornwall which seems to be an airy version of the 'dragon's back' observed along ridges on land. Who knows, I may invest in a good telescope again to facilitate my studies!

#symbolism #skychi