• Anu van Warmelo

When the World is Full of S***

Sometimes things happen to remind me/us that no matter how much we attempt to change our own world, it is always part of a much greater one. Hence, we can do all the work we like on our houses or offices and nothing appears to be changing. This was happening to me the last few months, but only when I was at home in Cornwall. When away things would be going quite well. It wasn't only me who was experiencing this, many people I spoke to felt something was amiss and not moving for them as well. Then suddenly everything shifted, and it coincided with an invasion of trucks and pipes from South West Water.

Apparently the village and surrounding area was suffering from a major blockage and build-up of sewage. They've been working a week on this now, and...things are flowing in people's lives generally, from what I can tell, certainly in mine. It's rather a pongy new beginning, but everything feels so much better! So, if you feel you have done everything you can to no avail, be kind to yourself. It may be absolutely nothing to do with you, and it's possible the entire area needs an enema or something.