• Anu van Warmelo

A New Place to Live - 5 Tips

A friend just asked me what my Top 5 recommendations were when someone is looking for a new place to live. Of course, this varies considerably, according to individuals and location. For example, I would rarely recommend one compass direction over another as each one has certain strengths, but I might do so for a particular person in a particular time in their life. So, if forced to deliver five simple guidelines, what would they be?

1. It must be 2/3 yang, 1/3 yin i.e. mostly light, dry and spacious. If largely yin i.e. wet, dark and small, it must be remediable through alterations.

2. It must be reasonably supported by houses or the landscape around it. The house shown here, for example, has solid backing behind it (the Black Tortoise) and open space in front (the Red Phoenix).

3. Don't be misled by one amazing feature. Consider the house in its entirety, that it meets most of your needs. For example, people often are sold a house because of an amazing view then realise later there is no really comfortable bedroom.

4. Be aware of health concerns: noise, pesticides from nearby fields, electric pylons, phone masts etc.

5. Above all, and this trumps all the above, trust your feelings deep down. If the place feels too good to be true, ask what is wrong with it. It could be something hidden like geopathic stress, or a history of violence that has never been rectified in the house's 'energy matrix'. On the other hand, if 1-4 seem awry, but you fall in love with the place, and it just feels right, then go for it - with full awareness of what you are taking on.

This last is particularly important because I have seen people flourish in situations that defy all the rules. Why? Well, that's possibly the subject of my next blog!

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