• Anu van Warmelo

Expect the Unexpected

Now that spring is here (sort of) in the northern hemisphere, it is a time of new things emerging. When advising clients I often recommend decorative, seasonal variations according to the five elements e.g. fresh flowers in spring, dried foliage in winter. This, of course, also applies to compass directions. Yet these and many other rules in Feng Shui are, in my view, made to be broken; and it is when people do something with a certain flair, just because they felt to, that things can get even more interesting. On the motorway down to Devon from Bristol, for example, there is a model of a camel just standing there. I have no idea why it is there, but it's brought ch'i, lifeforce, to an area otherwise fairly devoid of it. Here, a neighbour of mine accomplished something similar.

Any rules such as for direction, or appropriateness ('Giraffes don't exist in Cornwall!) dissolve as humour, the sense of the unexpected, reign triumphant - thus bringing an energy, vibrancy and warmth to a corner potentially claustrophobic, pokey and dark. This is why on the first page of notes I give clients, there is a disclaimer of sorts which states that the client should listen to their own feelings rather than anything I, or any other practitioner, tells them. I like it when I'm listened to, but often like it even more when I'm not - especially when done with style!