• Anu van Warmelo

The Invisible Cloud

Having returned to my village in Cornwall, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the magnetic fields had dropped considerably. For the five years I have been here I've been getting readings fluctuating between 200 and 700 nanotesla (nT). To get an idea of what that means, when I measure people's homes, if I get over 50 nT I consider it problematic. Yet that never happens unless right next to a machine of some sort. The problem with a place like Mousehole is that the electric infrastructure is very old and there are what are known as stray and net currents passing under the streets like a subterranean cloud. There is a lot more going on under our feet than we tend to realise. This 'cloud' is also permeating our homes, albeit invisibly.

It is debatable how (or even if) magnetic fields affect us, but in my experience there can be a depressive influence on people. This is backed up by some research which I won't go into here. I am convinced enough, however, of the effects magnetic fields have on all of us and am pleased that right now as I write this, the field around me has been reduced to 70 nT. What has caused this reduction, I don't know - a friend, neighbour (and subscriber to this blog!) - has suggested it might be the currently high water table, but I don't know. I was passing by one day when the electricity board were digging up the streets to solve some problem yet again , and the foreman spoke for us all by gazing into the bowels of the earth and saying in frustration, 'I certainly wasn't expecting that! It doesn't make any sense.'