• Anu van Warmelo

The Only Constant Is Change

Seasonal greetings, and I mean this quite literally! Visitors to the site may recognise this dovecot as the one featured on the Home Page banner. Obviously, the time of year was very different when I took the original picture:

And now while I find myself in snow-covered Herefordshire for a while, I am reminded that one of the many successful applications of Feng Shui is its recognition of change, and how that is reflected by nature. Here not only are the seasons different, but the trees taller and with more foliage. This is why when people invite me for an update, my advice may differ considerably from before - they are not the same people, being at different stages of life, and the place itself may have altered. From a mere seasonal perspective, appropriate decoration is therefore always recommended: dried flowers and branches in winter, blooming flowers in spring etc. Of course, right now in the northern hemisphere, holly and mistletoe are perfectly acceptable!