• Anu van Warmelo

Gateway to the Gods

The recurring controversy about the North-East direction in Feng Shui becomes visible in a new light when regarded in the Hindu Vaastu system. In India the North-East is revered rather than feared. Named the Gateway to the Gods, the ch’i or prana, as it is referred to in India, is seen as originating from the North-East and winding clockwise around a site before returning to the North-East.

This knowledge confirmed my suspicions a long time ago, that the North-East provides an enormously powerful flow of prana, often too powerful for many people. If a person’s doorway faced North-East, I noted frequently, they would often be confronted with very profound issues about themselves and the people around them; the result being strong shake-ups in any apparently stable situation. In short, if the person’s lifestyle didn’t measure up to the insights provided by the North-East then that lifestyle would by necessity change.

Advice for North-East Areas:

Keep as light and clear as possible. Treat as sacred, special. Good colours are white, blue, gold, silver and touches of yellow or green.

And if you're in a supermarket, move around it clockwise for a more harmonious shopping experience!

(Northern hemisphere only.)