• Anu van Warmelo

Setting the Tone

Of all the guidelines I have learned through Feng Shui, it is this truth that appears to be one of the most irrevocable: the compass direction of a front door sets the tone for what is inside. I can’t explain it scientifically, it’s not even to do with the amount of light, but I can tell a lot about a building just from knowing its directions. I discovered also that each direction has fundamental questions that need to be answered, not intellectually, but by living. When those questions are ignored, things tend to go slightly amiss.

Below, I summarise these questions, simplified in the interest of brevity. Use the list to check your front door and see/feel how well you have answered its question(s):

NORTH-EAST Are you living according to your spiritual truth? EAST Are you Awake? What are you learning? SOUTH-EAST How are you growing? Do you count your blessings? SOUTH Are you reaching your highest level - of excellence? SOUTH-WEST Are you aware of your Shadow? WEST What are your values? How playful are you? NORTH-WEST In what ways do you serve? NORTH What is within? Do you flow with life?